ErvasBasilicoGirardi is a studio, formed by a professional team with different skills and nationalities.

EBG 3“Looks like there is no place for imagination and creation under the contraints of the market and its production. But then through a pragmatic approach, respectful of production problems you understand that is just between these constraints that fantasy takes shape. Our work value has as first goal the design project or of the living system and the communication activities. The development process is the result of a complex interdisciplinary work, where our project action meets the definition of combining aesthetic needs with innovative technological solutions, in order to achieve a satisfactory product to fulfill the needs of the market, such as adhere at the cultural and emotional values of consumer. The competence, the experience, the technology, the craftsmanship and the design culture, allows us to introduce innovative solutions about the morphology of the shape and of the visual and tactile sensations communicated. The conscious creativity represent our way to create products with an innovative style, to define an aesthetic balance between parts, colors and spaces”.

EBG 2Through personal, expressive and innovative tools, we develop concepts and product solutions, we study morphologies combined with new materials and production technologies, we research, analyze ergonomics and feasibility of industrialization, researching psicoperceptive features of the shape, color and finish. We manage exhibition stands, interiors, traditional and multimedia communication.

EBG 1We have collaborated and designed for national and international companies: 2G Beauty Communications, Additivo, Agip, Air Decor, Bettinelli, Bionike, Bricosport, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Cerruti 1881, Cierreesse, Coif in, Colzani, Coty Italia Divisione Coty Prestige, Digicom, Domoplast, Edilfibro, Fev, Food Looper, Forever International, Freddi, Galla Placidia, Galmar, Garde Italy, Globalcom Engineering, Global Print, Ghignone, Groupe Seb Division, Moulinex e Krups, Hyppocampus, Imas, Isoluce, Ivab group, Joss, Jusp, Kenfoster, Lancaster Cosmetic International, Leg Italia, Mbc Italy, Mariner, Maus Division, Menikini, Mio bagno, Oral design, PCB Europe, Peg Perego, Pirelli, Plastic Linea, Politecnico di Milano, Rimsa, Rubinetteria Gaboli Luigi, Saeco International Group, Sericolor, Shinworks, Sisal, Steiner Creatifs, Unilever Cosmetics International, Vedani Italsae, Vimercati, Vodafone, Wpe

They have got many mentions and publications among which: leonardo case & stili, building show, corriere delle opere, il bagno, corriere delle opere, the new italian design: la triennale di milano, 100 bagni, ciab, tile italia, quattroruote, de agostini ideahobby, consorzio triveneto, expotour, AE componenti, la provincia di lecco, AE apparecchi elettrodomestici, ipertesti, computer gazette, consorzio tutela pavese, auto & design.